The Wealthy Network® is a platform of courses, community, and coaching in which you can learn the step-by-step process on how to become an online entrepreneur.

How Does The Wealthy Network® Work?

It begins with your commitment to our proven program. It is then followed up by your willingness to grow, and capped off by your desire to earn a respectable income. Once your The Wealthy Network™ membership is set up, you will be able to create your own personal profile and have access to our forums. You will be able to post questions about your online goals to help you progress quicker. You will also begin our Piece of the Online Pie course that will guide you through the steps of creating your own online brand and website.

You will learn how to find a niche that pays, the how-to's of starting your business properly, how to write great copy, different ways to make money online, and the list goes on!

Get Support in The Wealthy Network® Forums

Our Member-Only Forums represent a growing community of like-minded individuals around the world, and offer a location where you can bounce ideas off others, get helpful feedback, advice, and accountability when it comes to your business… even find help completing your goals. Here you’ll find the support and the perspective you need, while learning from the mistakes and successes of other members of The Wealthy Network! All question will get answered, and our support will always be there when you need it most.

Make Money with The Wealthy Network®

Yes, making money is also a benefit here with The Wealthy Network. Internet marketing and blogging has about the same success ratio as any other sales industry. Yes, that can be scary to some. But we have epic news!

Our affiliate program is aggressive. And, when we say aggressive, we mean aggressive. Erika and I have decided to give almost 50% on the dollar back to our community with our 2 tier affiliate program. So, while you work on creating your own online success, refer some friends and we'll make sure your bank account is never a casualty of the 80/20 rule ever again!

PLUS Get Access to our The Wealthy Network® Facebook Group

The Wealthy Network private Facebook page is specifically for affiliates only. It's a platform used for everyone to share ideas, new blog posts, and success testimonials with the group.

Having a home in which you can not only be involved with, but plug others into also, will drastically help you along your journey.

You will also have a natural, organic traffic to your site. Our page obviously isn't restricted to Facebook's algorithm problems, giving you the ability to post blogs and updates for our whole group to see and interact with.

Stay Motivated With Our Monthly Action Challenges

We understand that a membership can feel like a never-ending cycle. That is why we went above and beyond and created monthly action challenges. Based on where the group is at as a whole, we set an action challenge for members to focus on that month. This way, our members are always growing, and push themselves harder than they would if they were on their own trying to set goals for themselves. Our members then log their progress and learning curves that our experts can chime in on and help create a platform of rapid growth.

"Jesse and Erika sincerely care about my success, and that is why I am here."

"If you ever wondered how it is people make money online, Jesse and Erika have done the homework for you! There are plenty of online coaches that talk a good game, but Jesse and Erika will help you make your online presence a reality. Whether or not you have any computer savvy they will work with you and show you how to turn your dream into a reality. Not only are the customized individual lessons priceless, but they provide a step by step process in the form of a blog, a vlog and course material. Once you get the work done (i.e. content) they will show you how to present it and turn it into a revenue stream!

Jesse and Erika sincerely care about my success and that is why I am here."

Nick Arfaras, The Wealthy Network Member
Southbury, CT

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